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2nd to None Management Launches “Early Bird” Program

2nd to None Management is happy to announce a new program they offer. This new program that 2nd to None Management just launched is called the “early bird” program.  This program is designed for new tenants that are able to, and do, pay rent early. 2nd to None Management expects rent to be paid on time, but for the “early birds” that are able to pay rent before it is due, they’ll be entered to win special prizes!

This early bird program that 2nd to None Management has launched will be for the first 50 tenants that pay rent not on time, but early. 2nd to None Management will then enter the names of the 50 tenants into a drawing each month and one lucky winner receives a special prize. 2nd to None Management will have this program each month, when rent it due. However, do not worry, if you are a tenant of 2nd to None Management and are unable to pay rent early this upcoming month, it does not effect the drawings for the upcoming months. With this program 2nd to None Management hopes to see some, if not most clients pay rent early.

The tenants of 2nd to None Management can pay via electronic debit, money orders or a cashier’s check. 2nd to None Management also suggests that all tenants obtain renters insurance. Tenants are not covered on the property landlords insurance, and are responsible for their own items on their property. For tenants who currently do not have renters insurance, Nationwide Insurance and 2nd to None Management have partnered together to give tenants discounted rates. If you are a tenant of 2nd to None Management and are interested in the discounted rates Nationwide Insurance offers, contact them today for a free quote. 2nd to None Management strives to have a comfortable place for tenants to live, as well as prestigious property management for the clients and landlords.


2nd to None Management: A Successful Women-Owned Company

A very proud and successful women owned company, 2nd to None Management, is on top of the charts.  2nd to None Management is a highly reputable property management firm because of many factors. 2nd to None Management works one-on-one with each client to deliver exceptional service and always has the client’s thoughts and needs in mind. Providing such high quality service comes naturally to the staff at 2nd to None Management.

Being passionate about her company and this industry, owner Kenya Hunter knows what it is like to build a business from the ground up. Ever since she was a little girl, Kenya Hunter had the vision of opening up her own business, and many of years later 2nd to None Management came along.

Working daily to ensure all property management needs are met, and focusing on 2nd to None Management clients and tenants to make sure they are happy and content with their property management needs, is what Kenya is best at. Partnering with many companies such as Nationwide Insurance and Verizon, provides discounted rates and special offers exclusively for 2nd to None Management clients and tenants, that make working with 2nd to None Management a pleasant, money saving experience.

2nd to None Management is also a overjoyed receiver of the 2012 All Property Management Visitors Choice Award. With only being in business for 6 years and working from the ground up, 2nd to None Management and Kenya are blessed to have received such a highly exclaimed award. 2nd to None Management constantly provides top notch service, and will continue to grow as a company over the years. 2nd to None Management is a beautiful example of how a women-owned business can work their way to the top by providing superior service to every person who walks through their doors.